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Mountainside Tattoo Is located in downtown Bellows Falls, VT.
We accept walk-ins and appointments.
Over 1,000s of designs, or bring your own.
Are you under 18?
We can tattoo you with parental consent.
Kuro Sumi Here at Mountainside Tattoo we only use top of the line inks and supplies. Kuro Sumi Tattoo Inks have long been known as some of the world's best black outlining and graywash shading inks. They also carry a line of brilliant colors as well.
High Standards Clean lines, bright colors, and a clean and comfortable atmosphere is what you can expect to find at Mountainside Tattoo. Whether it be a design you have, a custom design we make for you, or just a fix up or cover up of an old tattoo.
Mild To Wild With more than 25 years of experience, our artists tattoo any style you have in mind. From Tribal to Fine Line, Bold and Black to Traditional, Full Color to B&W.
Safety First Our artists use only disposable tattoo equipment, including the tube that the single use disposable needle travels through. Most studios use surgical stainless steel tubes which is safe, but we go that extra step and use a plastic disposable tube instead.
Cheyenne Hawk With low weight and small in size the HAWK suits every movement and working situation perfectly. It makes tattooing easier and more precise than with any conventional machine. The HAWK means perfection and top-quality technology for perfect work. It makes accurate lines possible and is comfortable to hold, even during the longest sessions.
Sunday, March 29, 2015

Testimonials from some of our customers:

"What makes you a fan of what we do? We'd love to hear it in your words!" 

Tracey Parkhurst 11/04/2013 
"Your amazing artwork and attention to details."
Pam Cobb 11/04/2013 
"I am a fan because you all take pride in what you do and you do awesome work..You are great people!!!"
Ashley Bogle 11/04/2013 
"I'm a giant pain in the ass (OCD and all) and you guys still tattoo me ;) Seriously though, you guys are great! Thanks again to Caleb for staying super late to finish up our tattoos back in August!"
Zac Charles Cousino 11/04/2013 
"You do great tattoos!!!"
Kalen Saunders 11/04/2013 
"Alexander Lawrence aka Tattoo Alex :-D"
Samantha Rose 11/04/2013 
"I've been watching the progress of the artwork in the shop and I'm really pumped to say that the quality of the artwork is getting better and better. It makes me sort of bummed that I moved so far away because I have a few pieces planned and now have to find a replacement artist, but keep it up guys! It's so nice to see you all still learning and growing and putting out pieces you should really be proud of."
Julie Kenyon 11/04/2013 
"Love your work!"
Dan LaFountaine 11/04/2013 
"Because tats are awesome as well as a very personal thing for the customer receiving the tattoo."
Heather Jarvis 11/04/2013 
"You do quality tattoos. I refuse to go anywhere else!"
Patricia Simpson 11/04/2013 
"u did my name tattoo and kathys fairy tattoo"
Tyler Ruby 11/04/2013 
"I love how comfortable and clean the shop is. Such a relaxing and cool enviroment. Chill tunes and plenty to look at. Alexs black & grey work is top notch. Ill forever be a customer and supporter"
Nancy Giroux 11/05/2013 
"The warmth and friendlyness you show your customers is remarkable. You are true artists and I am proud to be the canvas for Calebs art."

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  • Mountainside Tattoo
  • 55 Square,
  • Bellows Falls, VT, 05101, USA
  • Tel: (802) 463-3838

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Shop Hours

  • Mon thru Sat 12-9
  • Sun by app.

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